Dynamite Hands Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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We all love great knockouts. Power of dynamite unleashed through fists. One quick explosion and the fight is over. In addition to a great look stats boost is guaranteed: +100% punching power. Warning! We are not responsible for caused injuries :-)

Rash guard is made from technologically advanced REVOLUTIONAL SHIRO®material. It is perfect for martial arts training and any other physical activity. Reinforced, elastic seams and very durable transfer printed design make it a product of unparalleled quality.

Product features:

  • Muscle Control – Fabric assures correct muscle compression during physical activity, reducing lactic acid formation.

  • Perfect Fit – Thanks to its elasticity, rash guard fits perfectly, giving extraordinary freedom of movement.

  • Exceptional Breathability – Fabric absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation.

  • Pilling Resistant –Product remains smooth and pleasant to the touch.

  • No See Through – Fabric provides outstanding coverage without risk of see through.

  • Shape Retention –Rash guard maintains its shape even after several uses.

  • Ultra Thin – 50% thinner than classic material, giving second skin feeling.                                                      

  • Quick Dry – Rash guard dries quickly.                                                

  • 2 Way Stretch – Fabric is stretchable in both directions.

Fabric composition: 80% Polyester Micro, 20% LYCRA XTRALIFE® Elastane